Lewis Gray – Recreational Toilet Specialists

We’ve been taking care of the business of portable sanitation since 1973.
With the world’s leading Thetford portable toilets and permanent toilets we’re the #1 choice for portable sanitation in motorhomes, caravans, buses and boats.

Cassette Toilets

The majority of New Zealand caravans and motorhomes come equipped with a Thetford Cassette toilet as standard. It’s a fully self-contained toilet system that is built into the bathroom of caravans, motorhomes or any type of recreational vehicle.

Permanent Toilets

A Thetford permanent toilet system offers all the comfort of home. Built in permanent sanitation systems for motorhomes, large caravans and boats. A patented Thetford micro-flush system guarantees powerful flushing with only half a litre of water.

Portable Toilets

Looking for a comfortable and durable portable toilet? The Thetford Porta Potti is the preferred choice for caravans, motorhomes, boats and even in summer houses. We also stock Recirculating Toilets ideal for buses, boats.

Waterless Toilets

Separett Waterless Toilets are the world leader in ecological Composting Toilets for your bach or even your eco-friendly home. No water needed, our waterless toilets are renowned for low odour, ease of use and environmental friendliness.