Separett Pee Urine toilet

Separett Pee is made for handling the urine waste. It’s easy to install, hygienic and simple to use. The built-in “water lock” minimizes the upcoming of odour in the room where the toilet is installed and the urine passes through a urine hose out to appropriate after-handling, preferably our Ejektortank. It can be placed in both cold and heated spaces and is easy to install and doesn’t need much space.



  • Pee 1020 urine toilet
  • User and installations manual
  • 2 m urine hose Ø32 mm
  • 2 st wall clips for Ø32 mm urine hose
  • 90° joint pipe for Ø32 mm urine hose
  • Straight joint pipe Ø32 mm urine hose
  • Indoor flashing for Ø32 mm urine hose
  • Wall attachment piece for the toilet
  • Screws for attaching the toilet


The toilet must be attached to wall before use. It is recommended to lead the urine hose within a pipe when going through a wall.

Maintenance and cleaning

Use of Separett Bio drain tablets is recommended to further eliminate the odours in the toilet.

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