Separett Cindi Family

Electric Incinerating Waterless Toilet

Cindi Family raises the standard for incinerating toilets, matching the design, stability, convenience and use of a modern WC in every way. The built-in fan efficiently removes odours and moisture from the room in which the toilet is installed and from bathrooms. The built-in control unit allows three different programs to be used, so ensuring energy efficient waste incineration. The ash can be used as an ecological fertilizer.


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How to install Separett Cindi Family


Separett Cindi Family has no room temperature requirements and functions both in cold and warm spaces. It can be placed wherever needed and does not need to be attached to a wall or floor.

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The unit can be vented through a wall or the roof using a maximum 6-metre long pipe of 110 mm diameter and 1 x 90° or 2 x 45° bends. It is recommended that the entire pipe length is insulated if Separett Cindi Family is to be used during the winter in snow conditions. Air inlet should be provided by a 160 mm vent through the outer wall either behind Separett Cindi Family at floor level or in the ceiling.

Using Separett Cindi Family

Simple hatch opening

The waste collects in a bag which is placed in the hatch. When the bag and its waste are ready for incineration, open the hatch by pressing the flush handle and the bag falls down into the ash box. Separett Cindi Family is supplied with 500 bowl liner bags. Additional bags can be purchased as accessories, part no.1177.

Simple ash box emptying

The hatch at the front is opened by releasing the locks on the sides and then removing the ash box. The size of the ash box has been designed to reduce energy consumption. The ash can be used as a fertilizer.

Energy efficient incineration, three programs

Separett Cindi Family has 2 energy efficient incineration programs and a fan program for extracting moisture from bathrooms. The two programs are for fluids (yellow symbol) and solid waste (brown symbol).

Everyone can use a Cindi Family

Our Sally child toilet seat, part no. 1154, is supplied with Separett Cindi Family, which means that even the smallest members of the family can use Separett Cindi Family. Separett Cindi Family is supplied with 500 bowl liner bags.

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Technical data


Material Upper part: Polystyrene
Bottom part: White lacquered galvanised plating
Interior: Stainless steel plating
Seat: High lustre polypropylene
Ash box: Acid-resistant plating
All the material is recyclable
Weight 28kg
Dimensions Ventilation pipe, exhaust air: Ø 110 mm
Ventilation pipe length: Max 6 metres
Vent inlet air: Ø 160 mm
Electrical equipment 240V/1.6kW
Electrical connection Cable 2.4m with earthed plug
Energy consumption 0.4-1.3kW/visit.

Plus a dedicated 15amp fuse is required



  • Odour free
  • No waste outlet required
  • Ashes only residue
  • Functions at all temperatures
  • Capacity, 6 persons