Porta Potti 335

The Porta Potti 335 with the Hold Down Kit is a super compact portable toilet which is perfect to use on boats! The toilet is delivered with a special ‘hold down kit to attach the toilet to the floor of your boat, wherever you want. One simple action releases the toilet.


Developed by the inventor of the portable toilet
Lightweight, high-quality, durable plastic
Choice of flushing system
Easy and convenient emptying

Product Specifications

Additional information
Option on floor attachment (Hold Down kit, included)
Capacity of flush-water tank
10 L
Capacity of waste-holding tank
10 L
Dimensions (hxwxd)
313 x 342 x 383 mm
Flushing system
Piston pump
Level indicator display for the flush-water tank
Level indicator display for the waste-holding tank
Net weight
3.3 Kg
Seating height
308 mm
Small Marine Toilet

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